Demonstration of Simkin C++ for Symbian OS - a small game

This is a very simple text-based adventure game.

What's interesting is that *all* the game play is defined in Simkin scripts.

Once installed, you'll see a folder on in c:\documents\Simkin called Game.

In here are 2 further folders:

  • global - contains xml files defining object "types"
  • Game - contains xml files defining instances of the types.

The game is defined in Game\Game.xml. This file defines the game to be of type "RoomGame". This type of game is defined in global\RoomGame.xml

The underlying engine is very simple. It sends a "request" to the Game, which populates the screen. When a button is pressed, it sends a "response" to the Game, which decides the next screen.

Download the installer for Sony/Ericsson P800 here.

Download the installer for Nokia 7650 here.

Download the XML scripts here.

Here is a screen shot: