Simkin XML Demonstration

This page shows an example of how Simkin can be used to script Java™ through XML files.

(The Applet is quite large because it includes the JavaSoft XML classes, Simkin itself is about 50k)

Below is an applet which has a field containing an XML document. The document describes the layout and behaviour of a simple dialog box.

The format allows the definition of the following controls

  • panel - a Java panel
  • static - a Java label
  • edit - a Java textfield
  • button - a Java button
The Java object exposes the followed functions to the Simkin script:
  • msgBox(a) - shows a message box
  • close() - closes the dialog
  • setFocus(n) - sets focus to the named control
  • getText(n) - retrieves the text in the named text control
Press "Run the script" button to see the dialog appear: