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Simkin Scripting Language

About the game:

3d game that is a cross between a first-person-shooter and a role-playing-game.

How Simkin is used:

A Simkin script is used to control everything in 3d world from a door to a vase. A script for each object controls how the object moves and sounds.

All characters that the player interacts with, uses a script to simulate AI. The scripts for these characters describe how the character acts/reacts to its enviroment, where the character should go, what the character says. Through a state machine in the script the characters are given "emotional" states that affect what the character does.

There are triggers in the world that have a script associated with them. these scripts can move objects, activate sounds, trigger events, or even trigger other scripts.

Development environment:

VC ++ 6.0,    DirectX 8.0

Welcome additions to the scripting language:

Because I am scripting state machines, a switch-case addition would be helpful. Right now I am using a series of if-then-else statement to process states.

Open source Simkin thoughts:

Making Simkin open source influenced me greatly towards using Simkin. I did not want a "black box" scripting language that would hide how things work. I like having the option of diving into the source code to trace why something is not working as expected.